Greene Bee Greenhouse

Gardening in the time of Covid-19

We are all in this together.

First and foremost, hello out there! We hope you are well, wherever you are hunkered down, and that the promise of Spring is keeping you cheery.

We are currently working on setting up an online shopping page where you’ll be able to choose from over 35 varieties of tomato plants, our regular selection of herbs, and of course all the usual vegetables. You’ll be able to pay online and pick up your plants at the top of our driveway at a predetermined time in order to keep it contactless and safe. Though our online shop isn’t live yet, we will update this page as soon as it is, so stay tuned!

We are also thinking about the best way to get our ornamental plants accessible online, but even if we can’t do that we are always happy to talk with you over the phone and be your personal plant shopper 😉 We know how important gardening can be for one’s mental health, and hope that our plants can be a part of that for you.

Despite the unrest in the world right now, here at Greene Bee the seedlings are sprouting, and some early bloomers are blooming. We are taking solace in the dependable routine of seeds and roots in soil.

Looking forward to seeing you (from a distance) soon,

Briana and Eli

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