Greene Bee Greenhouse

2017 Workshops:  

All held at Greene Bee Greenhouse, please call or email to register.



Hell yeah Hydrangeas! With Eli  September 2nd 10AM $15

Come take a tour of our extensive gardens with Eli as he shows you the many types of show-stopping hydrangeas that are easy to grow in our region. 10% off nursery plants to class attendees (one day only).



Botanical Mandalas with Portia Munson September 16 10Am $25

In this workshop we will create vibrant, colorful flower mandalas using wildflowers and cultivated flowers as our materials. Artist Portia Munson will show examples of her vivid flower mandala prints and share techniques for gathering, arranging and manipulating blossoms into impromptu designs that can be enjoyed in the moment as ephemera, or preserved in a photograph. We’ll consider the color and form of flowers that are available on the day of the workshop, ways to dissect or enhance blooms and other flower parts, and how to design a powerful composition of botanical elements. Bring cameras and garden scissors (if desired).

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Planting for the Bees with Richard Ronconi   September 23rd 10Am $15

Richard was formerly the president of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club and is also an avid gardener. Come learn about the life of bees, and the best plants to add to your landscape for our hardworking, honey-making pollinators.